Put together Incredible Deals, Amazing People, Top Venues and you will be sure to have the most unforgettable experience. See all of our events and buy your ticket today.

We call ourselves Elite because we work with the Elite. Our participating bars are the best in the city.

Amazing People

The Top Venues

Unforgettable Experience

We worked with each bar to bring our participates the best drinks and food deals in the city!

incredible Deals

We bring old and new friends together at every event. If you are new to the city or have been in town for years this is a way to get out and break out of your comfort zone.

 How does a bar crawl work?

In almost every city Elite Bar Crawls team organizes bar crawls differently, with a different theme, and a different selection of bars. But dont worry, they are all filled with fun, energetic people looking to meet people like you, and get their drink on!

Depending on the bar crawl you choose to participate in, admission may be free, or you may have to buy a ticket. With the ticket you will be given a LED light up wristband,a event wristband, a mug, or a t-shirt (something that makes you stand out and lets the bartenders and bar staff know that you are participating in the bar crawl).

The benefit of participating in a bar crawl where you purchase a ticket is that the organizers (Elite Bar Crawls) have negotiated the best drink specials with all of the bars who are participating in the crawl, no matter if you are at bar 1 or at bar 3, a beer, mixed drink or a shot will be the same price.

So if you are single, looking to meet a special someone outside of your circle, new in town and looking to meet people, or plainly just want to see what other bars are out there, then checking out our bar crawl events isn't something you don't want to miss.