What is a Bar Crawl?

Our Bar Crawl starts at a registration location, which is the venue that you must go to start your crawl. YOU decide which venue this is when you purchase your ticket. From here you will receive your wristband and a map to help guide you from bar to bar. At each bar we have worked with the bar to get our members the best deals. 

Do I need to Register?

Yes, when you register you will be required to show your ID to receive your  bracelet which indicates to the bartenders that you are an Elite Member.

What does the bracelet get me?
 Your bracelet  guarantees the best drink specials in town at the best venues. You must wear the bracelets the whole time so the bars and bartenders know you are with Elite Bar Crawls. The bracelets allow you to receive the best specials on drinks and food under the bar's discretion. 

What should I wear?
As you know we have great themes. We want you to go all out! If you are with friends, plan to go shopping together to pick out a group outfit. Themed outfits aren't required but definitely encouraged since we will be taking pictures through out the day!

Do I have to go to the bars listed on the crawl?
We highly encourage that you do. Our team strives to bring you the best venues. We want you to be able to explore new places, meet new people and most importantly have an amazing time.

How will I know when I'm on the crawl?
When you receive your bracelets, grab a drink and hang out with all your new friends in killer themed outfits. The bars just need to check your ID before you can go inside-- cover free!

How do we know when to move to the next bar?

We will provide you an LED bracelet which will start flashing indicating you have 10 minutes to close out your tabs and switch to the next bar. 

I bought a ticket and can't go, what should I do?
Tickets are non-refundable but they ARE transferrable. Feel free to give (or sell!) your ticket to someone else who can take your spot. We will post a discussion board on our Facebook page the week of the crawl for members to talk and transfer tickets if need be.

What if a bar doesn't honor their deal specials?

Please let us know via Facebook message or email. We will always have an Elite Staff member guiding you to each bar to ensure everyone is having a great time.

What else do we get besides the drink deals? Do we get any complementary stuff?

We work to get our members the best deals. We may be sponsored by a company, which we will indicate on our Facebook, our partners will offer complementary drinks and other great items.

How old do I need to be to participate?
You must be 21 years or older to participate no matter what.